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Joseph D. Herder, M.S., LP

Clinical Psychologist and Community Crisis Consultant


Joe comes to Bamboo Professionals as an experienced and dedicated mental health professional with over 40 years of demonstrated success in providing multi-faceted psychological services to adult consumers, service providers and facilities. He previously served as a Licensed Psychologist for over 37 years by the State of Minnesota Department of Human Services with a wide variety of experiences, including direct psychological services, consultation, crisis intervention and staff training in numerous inpatient and community-based settings. He has provided individual and group therapy, staff education, interdisciplinary treatment team consultation and community crisis prevention and intervention services. His priorities have consistently focused on helping those unable to maintain healthy psychosocial functioning, and thereafter, assisting them in returning to safe and successful community living.




  • Extensive and varied experience in conducting mental health evaluations and offering various treatment interventions.


  • Excellent interpersonal communication skills.


  • Expertise in collaborating with a variety of providers in multidisciplinary service areas.


  • Demonstrated success in person-centered advocacy, coaching, consultation, treatment planning and program delivery.


  • Experience in providing in-service training on a wide array of mental health and related topics.


  • Expert conflict resolution skills in a variety of situations and treatment settings.


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