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Jessica Dodge,

Critical Incident, Disaster, Traumatic Stress, and Grief Consultant

Brief Bio:
Jessica Dodge is a disaster mental health trauma specialist, critical incident stress management (CISM) consultant, behavior analyst and educational leader in racial equity and justice, serving urban youth, families, communities in Minneapolis / St. Paul metropolitan area, outstate, regionally, and support international team's wellness. Jessica responds locally and regionally to critical incidents, stress, trauma, violence, and community unrest. She has broad experience in working with traumatized youth, families, child protection and adult welfare, law enforcement, faith, educational, community, and government organizations as well as private businesses and industry. By means of trauma-informed care, socially, culturally, developmentally appropriate behavioral health services, implementation of evidence-based violence prevention, community youth and family engagement, she has worked together with traumatized youth, families, schools, community, and law enforcement to empower them to reduce effects of trauma when violence, unrest, and harm has occurred within the community. She has proven evidence of inquiry, research, and analysis to improve racial equity, performance, promote innovation, and sustain the transformation of services of interventions for marginalized youth, families, and communities.

Jessica is working with staff who are in fields that experience frequent traumatizing events, implementing proactive strategies and tools to prevent, intervene in, mitigate, and recover from experiences of violence, threat, and harm, towards resilience. Having participated for years in regional CISM team, she has seen the positive outcomes of developing peer support teams, defusing, debriefing, and management of traumatic incidents with transit workers, child welfare and human services, corrections, law enforcement, first responders, care attendants, health, clergy, public works, special education staff, supporting those in our communities that are doing the hard work day in and day out, public, private, and volunteer. 

Jessica is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst, Telehealth Certified,  has studied Disaster Management, Disaster Mental Health, Crisis Management, Serving Diverse Communities, Psychopharmacology, Psychopathology is pursuing employee assistance certification (CEAP) and graduate Disaster Mental Health Certification. She is a member International Society Traumatic Stress Studies, American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress National Center for Crisis Management, Association for
Psychological Science, St. Paul Federation of Teachers, American Federation of
Teachers, National Association of School Psychologist, School Social Workers
Association of America, Minnesota School Social Workers Association, Minnesota, School Psychologists Association, Interfaith Action of Greater St. Paul, and with Isaiah. 

Please, contact Jessica at      <>  or  (612) 616-1755


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