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Gordon R. Dodge, Ph.D., LP

Mental Health, Psychosocial Psychologist and Consulting Psychologist



Dr. Gordon Dodge is retired from the positions of president and clinical director for Lakes Area Human Services, Inc., Forest Lake, Minnesota. He has over 55 years of experience as a psychologist in clinical, consultative, and educational services. He continues to provide evaluation and advisory services to law enforcement agencies. He also is clinical and consultation director for a consulting firm that addresses staff
wellness as well as workplace and community crises, as well as trauma and domestic and international mental health and psychosocial disasters. As a consulting psychologist he has extensive experience working with private industry, emergency services personnel, and other public agencies on a local,
national and international basis.


Also, he has had numerous international assignments; in the former Yugoslavia during their war (staff care), Kosovo (psychosocial evaluation team leader), Albania, the Burmese-Thai refugee camps, the Gujarat earthquake in India(psychosocial assessment and planning team leader), the KAL plane crash in Guam, development of the Worker Care Program for the Canadian Red Cross, and two consultation and training assignments to Nairobi in follow-up to the embassy bomb blast, two psychosocial missions to Pakistan in response to the Kashmir earthquake, a consultation and training assignment in Guyana in response to civil conflict, mass murders, and neighborhood violence, two missions to Haiti and training assignments in Zambia and South Africa.

Domestic assignments have included the Oklahoma city bombing, Red River Valley floods, Hurricane Katrina, San Diego Wildfires, Hurricane Harvey, and several other natural disaster responses in the U.S. for the American Red Cross, served on their Critical Response Team, was assigned to a leadership position in
New York following the World Trade Center attack, is an instructor for the Red Cross in Psychological First Aid, and Critical Incident Stress Management. He has written, lectured, and provided training and program development extensively on many other aspects of staff care, trauma and disaster psychology nationally and internationally. He is past co-chair of the Psychosocial Section, World A
ssociation for Disasters and Emergency Medicine.


A full curriculum vitae and description of services available may be obtained by writing to: Gordon R. Dodge, Ph.D., LP, PO Box 485, Center City, MN 55012 USA                

 651-303-2355,                                                                                        2-1-2023         

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